627 Transfer

Children have many difficulties and anxieties about transferring to a secondary school. Common concerns and problems include: making new friends, dealing with bullying and peer pressure, changing classes, remembering books, equipment and homework, and many more. 

Specialised intervention directed at specific transfer issues has been shown to reduce the anxieties of children (particularly those more vulnerable) about starting secondary school, increase their confidence and help them settle in more quickly and be more prepared for learning.

627 Transfer offers a variety of targeted interventions to support whole classes/large groups, small groups or individual pupils. These not only help to reduce stress and anxiety about transfer and increase children’s confidence when changing schools, but also teach them strategies and skills that will help them succeed at secondary school and throughout life, including social skills and organisation skills.

These expert support services are provided by Fiona Kinsman and her team of associates, experienced and successful teaching professionals specialising in transfer to secondary school and in a diverse range of difficulties and needs.

Find out more about what schools and parents can do and the support packages 627 Transfer offers, or visit our For Children section, which has tips, games and resources to help children prepare for and settle in to secondary school.