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Our work and the support that 627 Transfer offers has gained many compliments.

 Feedback from primary schools 

“All of the children felt fully prepared for their first visit to Secondary school and all are looking forward to Sept.  The variety of activities has given the children a wide range of tools and strategies that they can take with them. 
All children are feeling more confident about going to Secondary school now.”   
SENDCo/Teacher, High Wycombe

“Liaising with Fiona has been a pleasure – she has a warm and friendly manner and is also extremely efficient, making sure we were kept fully informed and updated throughout the program.” 
SENDCo/Teacher, High Wycombe

“The materials that supported the groups are very good, especially the manuals. 
Fiona ensured that the support given was tailored and personalised to meet the needs of the children e.g. showing planners from their individual schools.   
Liaison with the secondary schools is invaluable. Not only are all these children now ‘on the radar’ but Fiona was able to arrange additional visits for some of the children.  One Secondary school has taken up the service for September which will be highly beneficial.  
Feedback after the sessions was timely and detailed.  Not only is this beneficial for continued support of the pupils in between visits but it is very good evidence for how we chose to spend our Pupil Premium funding.”  
SENDCo/Teacher, High Wycombe

“Dedicated time to discuss problems and worries with someone outside of school and liaison with secondary school [were the best aspects of the 627 Transfer small group support].”
SENDCo, High Wycombe

“Fiona was very helpful and very informative. We love working with her!” 
Deputy Head, High Wycombe 

“Thank you for providing this valuable service. It was gratefully appreciated that you went beyond your planned involvement to follow up additional visits to secondary schools, especially for the children who were the only pupil starting at various schools.”
Year 6 Class Teacher, Old Amersham

“[The best aspect of the small group support was] The professional manner that Mrs Kinsman worked with both the staff and pupils. She adapted the sessions to cover the needs of the pupils. [Supported pupils’] self-esteem improved and they all became more confident because they had learnt some valuable social skills and coping strategies.”
Year 6 Class Teacher, Old Amersham

“All the identified children looked forward to their sessions and felt it had boosted their confidence”. 
SENDCo, Amersham 

“[The 627 Transfer small group support is most valuable for] The quiet, sensitive child who worries about changes but finds it difficult to articulate their worries. [...] It increased their confidence and enabled them to look forward to their secondary school with less trepidation.”
SENDCo, Wooburn Green

“[Fiona] communicates well with members of staff and feedbacks to them any important points”. 
Year 6 Class Teacher

“[The best aspect of the support was] working with Fiona and giving the children an opportunity to share their concerns in a small group situation without feeling embarrassed. [It was most valuable for] EAL, lower ability children and vulnerable children (looked after). [The pupils gained] increased confidence and better understanding of how to manage their transition from primary to secondary.”
Year 6 Leader, High Wycombe

“The small group work for the children (was the most useful). The children loved having the opportunity to talk about their worries in a small group.”
Deputy Head, High Wycombe 

“The identified vulnerable children covered various topics in their sessions and their confidence rose dramatically as a result”.
Year 6 Class Teacher, High Wycombe

“A hugely valuable service, very well run”. 
Year 6 Class Teacher, Beaconsfield 

“Having Fiona in as an expert and specialist gave the workshops more of a sense of importance for the children and was reassuring to the parents that we had gone above and beyond the norm by getting an outside expert in to support our own transition work.”  
SENDCo/Teacher, High Wycombe

“Diane is FAB.  I like her style, her manner and her way with the pupils.  She is so clear, has a beautiful speaking voice and shows complete empathy and understanding for the children. They latch onto this and trust her words.  That is vital to me, as their teacher.
So I thank her for making my job, as their teacher, so much easier when it comes to transition. “
Year 6 Class Teacher, Aylesbury

“The small group work had the biggest impact, partly because they were the most vulnerable pupils and partly because a closer relationship was forged”.

Year 6 Class Teacher, Holmer Green

“The small group work, with the identified children was beneficial and highlighted concerns/problems that would not have been addressed/highlighted through whole class work/circle time”.
Year 6 Class Teacher

“The rapport built up over the months between our vulnerable pupils and Mrs. Kinsman [was the most useful aspect of the work].
Year 6 Class Teacher

“Thank you to Fiona for her continued support”
Acting Inclusion Manager, High Wycombe

“[The small group support benefitted supported pupils:] Confidence, encouragement, knowing they have someone to talk to other than their teacher, socially more confident, higher self-esteem, more ready for transition day, more aware.”
Year 6 Class Teacher, Aylesbury

“Fiona was a great support and gave good feedback to class teacher after each session.”
Year 6 Class Teacher, Wooburn Green

Feedback from secondary schools

“I am certain that the students have benefited greatly from this provision and it has also been a pleasure working with you both.”
SENDCo, High Wycombe

“We are now in the 4th week of the new academic year and the year 7 students are settled in. Your 5 students [supported in primary] have transferred with ease, none of them have had any real difficulties. The girls have found new friends and integrated well in their forms. They do not seem to have any problems with changing to the expectation of secondary school. The boys have smoothly transitioned as well. They have easily found their way around the new routines and where they feel comfortable whether on the sports field or in the Year 7 Drop in Club.
In conclusion your support in primary appears to have aided the students to move to secondary easily and securely.”
Head of Learning Support, High Wycombe

“All three of the pupils we discussed have made a smooth transition to The Highcrest Academy, in fact [named pupil] is now standing for form representative which is a big achievement for a new year 7 student.”
Learning Mentor, High Wycombe

“Just a quick email to say that [named pupils] have all settled very well into secondary school life.
All three students have been on our Bush Craft residential and had a thoroughly brilliant time.
Thank you for the work that you did with them-it clearly paid off.”
Learning Support Manager,  Princes Risborough 

What children say

“The sessions have made me feel more confident about secondry [sic] school and I am now less worried. We have gone through so much so that if I come across anything I will now know what to do”.

“I feel excited about moveing [sic] to a new school when at first I didn’t want to”.

“Fiona Kinsman [...] helped me feel more confident about moving to my secondary school”. 

“The sessons [small group sessions] were extremely useful because I used to hate secondary school but now I am exited [excited]. It has helped me a lot and Fiona has made a huge difference”. 

“Working with Mrs. Kinsman has helped me a lot”. 

“I am writing to tell you that I want to say thank you for helping me. I change so much. When I saw you I was worried that someone will bulled [bully] me but all of this time you help me. You taught me forgging [fogging (an anti-bullying technique)].” 

“Thank you very much. […] I really appreciate how much you taught me”. 

“Mrs. Kinsman has been really kind and good”.