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Did you know...?

Did you know…secondary schools have students, not pupils! When you are at primary school you are called a pupil, but when you start secondary school you will be called a student.  Different words, but same person (just older) with the same job (to learn)!

Did you know...secondary schools can have over 1,000-1,500 students! Students come from a wider area than at primary, so you will get to meet lots of new people from different places. There will be so many other students that you are bound to be able to find good friends who like the same things as you.

Did you know... your secondary school may have over 100 teachers and other staff! At secondary school, each teacher only teaches one subject, so you’ll probably be taught by about 20 every week. It might seem like a challenge to learn all their names, but remember – you only need to learn one name per class (and you can start by just calling them “Miss” or “Sir”), but teachers need to learn 30 students’ names each class!

Did you know... most of the subjects will be the same as at primary school, but you might also get to learn a few new ones, like Food Technology, Graphics, or a new foreign language! Science is often split into three separate subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Other subjects might be basically the same but have different names – for example, Numeracy and Literacy might be called Maths and English.

Did you know... your secondary school campus/site will probably be much bigger than your primary school, and you will have to move classroom for each lesson! Secondary schools have lots of different classrooms, as well as a assembly hall, sports hall, library, learning resource centre, canteen and so on... New students are often worried about getting lost, but classrooms are usually organised by subject (so all the maths classrooms will be in the same building, etc.), you will have a map in your planner you can use, and there will be lots of friendly older students and teachers who you can ask for directions.

Did you know...there will probably be a loud bell to signal the end of each lesson - don't worry, it will sound different from a fire alarm!

Did you know... the timetable at secondary school might be quite different from at primary school! Some secondary schools have eight 45-minute periods (lessons) a day, other schools have only 4 or 5 longer periods a day. Some schools have a two-week timetable, where you have a different timetable in week 1 than in week 2.

Did you know...lunchtime at secondary school may be much later than at secondary school! Lunch might not be until 1.30pm, so it’s important to make sure you eat a good breakfast and maybe bring or buy a snack to eat at breaktime. It might seem a long time until lunch, but at least you’ll only have one lesson afterwards before hometime!

Did you know...most students are nervous when they start secondary school, but they usually settle in very quickly and soon feel like confident year 7s! If you do have problems, you will probably have a form teacher, head of year, matron/school nurse, learning support/learning resource centre and lots of other people and places you can go to get help, as well as your family and friends, of course!

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