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Summer 2016 Wordsearch Competition

Our Summer 2016 Wordsearch Competition is now open! Enter by the 31st August for a chance to win a £10 iTunes giftcard!

Download the wordsearch by clicking on the link below, then search for the words! Words can be hidden in any direction, including diagonally. Identify the word from the list that can not be found in the wordsearch, and follow the instructions to send us your answer. 

How to enter/Terms and conditions
1. Complete the wordsearch. One of the words listed is missing from the wordsearch – this word is the answer to the competition.
2. Get your parent/carer’s permission to enter the competition. You must be under 15 years old and live in the UK to enter.
3. There are two ways to enter:
a. Send an email to [email protected] Type “2016 wordsearch competition” into the subject. In the email, include the answer, and your first name. (Don’t worry - we will not use your email address for anything other than telling you if you have won. We will also delete all the entries after the competition has been won, so we don’t keep any of your details.)
b. OR, if you're taking part in any of our sessions or workshops, you can write down the answer, your name, and your contact details (email or home phone number) and give this to your 627 Transfer Associate.
4. The competition opens on 11th April 2016. Your entry must be received before midnight on 31st August 2016, or it will not be counted. You may only    enter once.
5. We will randomly choose one of the entries with the correct answer to be the winner. (We will allocate all the correct entries a number, and then use a random number generator to pick the winning entry.)
6. If your entry is chosen as the winner, then we will send you an email by 15th September telling you that you have won and asking for your parent/carer to contact us. Then we will sort out with your parent/carer how to give you your prize.
7. The prize is one £10 iTunes giftcard.
8. If you don’t reply to the email saying you have won within 28 days, then we will pick a different winner.
9. The name or initials of the winner will be published on the website (with their parent/carer’s permission).