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How 627 Transfer Can Help

627 Transfer offers several packages of whole class workshops and small group sessions to primary and secondary schools, other organisations, and directly to parents. 

627 Transfer offers various packages to schools to support whole classes/large groups, small groups or individual children. These not only help to reduce stress and anxiety about transfer and increase children’s confidence when changing schools, but also teach them strategies and skills that will help them succeed throughout life, including social skills and organisation skills.

Tell your child’s school about the 627 Transfer website, which has tips on what they can do to support your child’s transfer, and encourage them to buy one of our packages (details on our What we offer page). School budgets are tight, but many schools use pupil premium to support transfer and give Year 6 life skills, and your school’s PTA may be willing to help buy support.

627 Transfer don’t only sell directly to schools. Maybe your child’s Guides or Scouts group or a local youth group or charity would be willing to pay (or help to pay) for a workshop package, or perhaps you can get together with a group of parents to buy a workshop or small group session package, and the school or scouts/guides will let you use their hall. I would also be pleased to create a customised package for you and your child: please contact us to discuss your specific needs/requirements.

The 627 Transfer primary whole class workshops are designed to help children discuss their concerns and gain reassurance through engaging activities that teach practical strategies and develop their skills. (Although these were originally designed for delivery in school classrooms, they can be held just as well independently in any good-size room, e.g. village hall.) 

We also offer three different large group targeted workshops, each focussing on a specific skills area – Friendships, Anti-bullying strategies or Organisation.

The 627 Transfer primary group sessions are designed to support a small group of Year 6 children, often those who experience great anxiety about and are likely to have particular difficulties transferring from primary school to secondary school.

For example, in the past, we have supported:
  • Children with low self-esteem/confidence 
  • Children who find it difficult to make friends, or have problems with bullying 
  • Children who have poor time management and organisational skills (including children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ASD and ADHD) 
  • Children with poor communication skills 
  • Children on the autism spectrum 
  • Children who have high levels of anxiety 
This can have great benefits – studies[1] have shown that taking part in such transfer group sessions reduced the anxiety levels of vulnerable pupils (who started with higher anxiety about transfer) to the same level as their peers by the end of Year 6. They also showed improvements in self-esteem, peer relationships and independence. Our own data and feedback from 2014 and 2015 also showed that pupils who received our primary group support showed decreased anxiety/increased confidence about a large range of topics previously of concern, and also settled in smoothly and successfully to secondary school.

We also offer reactive support individual/small group sessions for children in Year 7, supporting children experiencing difficulties with settling in and adjusting to the demands of secondary school.

Please see our What we Offer page for more details about the packages of whole class workshops and small group sessions we offer to primary and secondary schools, other organisations, and directly to parents. 

[1] Bloyce, J, & Frederickson, N. (2012) 'Intervening to improve the transfer to secondary school', Educational Psychology In Practice, 28, 1, pp. 1-18, DOI:10.1080/02667363.2011.639345