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What Parents can do

There are lots of things you can do at home with your child to reduce their worries and help them be prepared for secondary school.
  • Encourage your child to talk about what they are looking forward to at secondary school and what they are worried about. 
  • Be positive about their move to secondary school and try not to pass on rumours and gossip that may worry your child.
  • Help them to find out more about their allocated secondary school. 
    • You could look together on the school’s website and see what information they have about the school day, uniform, etc. 
    • Maybe you already know someone whose child goes to the secondary school. Maybe one of your child’s friends has a sibling who goes there. See if you can arrange a meeting with them so they can chat with your child about what the school is like, reassure them, and perhaps look out for them once they start. 
  • You may be able to arrange for your child to visit the secondary school to become familiar with the layout and perhaps some of the staff, especially if your child has particular needs such as an autism spectrum disorder– it may not be possible, but it does no harm to contact the school and ask! 
  • If your child’s new uniform will include a tie, then help them practise learning how to tie it over the summer holidays. It may seem easier to just do it for them every morning, but then what will they do when they change for PE? 
  • Help your child learn and practise the journey to and from school – if they are walking or cycling, then they need to learn the route and how long it will take; if they are taking a bus, then they need to know the route to the bus stop, which side of the road the bus stops at (which may be different for going than coming home), and the time they need to be waiting there. 
  • If your child will be buying school lunches or snacks for the first time in secondary school, encourage them to practise buying sandwiches from a supermarket, so they learn how to interact and deal with money, etc.
  • If your child likes to sleep in during the summer holidays, then as the start of term gets closer, encourage your child to start getting up earlier ready for school – feeling extra tired and sleep-deprived will not give them a good start to secondary school! 
  • Try to make sure they eat a bit of breakfast before leaving for school and have a healthy snack (or even an extra sandwich) packed to be able to eat at break time. It’s not unknown for children to eat their whole packed lunch at break time and have to do afternoon lessons feeling starved, because there was nothing left to eat at lunchtime! 
  • Help them organise their stationery, school books, etc. Agree on a dedicated place for them to keep their school stuff (books, equipment and bag) – this helps to reduce the stress of everybody running around the house in the morning frantically trying to track down a geography book or ruler before the bus arrives! 
  • Show your child the For Children section of this website – there are tips, quizzes, games and links to further resources. 
  • Tell your child’s school about this website and 627 Transfer – we have a page for what schools can do to help and offer many packages to schools. Encourage them to buy one of our packages. 
  • Contact us to ask about a customised package of support for your child’s concerns and needs.
  • Get your PTA or local youth group to buy a package, or get together with other parents to organise a 627 package yourself.