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How 627 Transfer Can Help

627 Transfer offers a variety of targeted interventions to both primary and secondary schools to support whole classes/large groups, small groups or individual pupils. These not only help to reduce stress and anxiety about transfer and increase children’s confidence and resilience when changing schools, but also teach them strategies and skills that will help them succeed at secondary school and throughout life, including social skills and organisation skills. This helps lead to better mental health, increased school attendance and improved academic performance. 

Our whole class workshops (set of two) for primary schools are designed to help pupils discuss their concerns and gain reassurance through engaging activities that teach practical strategies and develop their skills.

We also offer three different large group targeted workshops to secondary schools, each focussing on a specific skills area – Friendships, Anti-bullying strategies or Organisation.

Our primary small group sessions are designed to support a small group of pupils who have been identified as vulnerable – those who experience great anxiety about and are likely to have particular difficulties with transferring from primary school to secondary school. This includes: 

  • Children with SEND (with or without Statements/EHCPs) 
  • Children in public care
  • Children who are young carers
  • Children with social and emotional difficulties 
  • Children with low self esteem/confidence

These can have great benefits – Bloyce and Frederickson (2012)[1] showed that taking part in such transfer group sessions reduced the anxiety levels of vulnerable pupils (who started with higher anxiety about transfer) to the same level as their peers. They also showed improvements in self-esteem, peer relationships and independence. Our own data and feedback from 2014 and 2015 also showed that pupils who received our primary group support showed decreased anxiety/increased confidence about a large range of topics previously of concern, and also settled in smoothly and successfully to secondary school.

Our secondary individual/small group reactive support sessions support students experiencing difficulties with settling in to find solutions to these problems as they arise, using a variety of specialist resources to teach relevant skills and strategies for succeeding at secondary school.

627 Transfer offer several packages of workshops and individual/small group sessions to primary and secondary schools. Please see our 
What we Offer page and/or contact us for more details.

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[1] Bloyce, J, & Frederickson, N. (2012) 'Intervening to improve the transfer to secondary school', Educational Psychology In Practice, 28, 1, pp. 1-18, DOI:10.1080/02667363.2011.639345