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What Schools Can Do


There are many things that primary schools can do to support and prepare all year six pupils, and those with specific needs, for transfer to secondary school.
  • Have pupils move classrooms for different subjects.
  • Vary teachers for different subjects. 
  • Seat children in rows for lessons. 
  • Give regular homework and dates for completion. 
  • Use homework books for pupils to record the homework set and due date to prepare them for using homework planners at secondary. 
  • Get pupils to research their allocated secondary school by visiting their website in ICT lessons – they could do a project or presentation on the information they find out. 
  • For pupils with specific needs, contact the secondary school early on and inform them about any specialist equipment or needs of the child. 
  • Get 627 Transfer to provide support for the whole class, small groups, or individual pupils (see How 627 Transfer can help). 


  • Invite your feeder schools to bring their Year 6s to visit the school for activities - these could be organised by primary schools (e.g. holding a lesson in one of your classrooms), or set up by the secondary school (e.g. a Sports/Games morning, perhaps organised by GCSE/A level students as part of their coursework).
  • Liaise with your feeder primary schools to link up their Year 6 curriculum with your Year 7 curriculum.
  • For incoming Year 7s with specific needs, contact the primary school early on and find out about any specialist equipment or needs of the child and how best to support them.
  • Hold extra Induction Morning(s) during the summer term or summer holidays for Statemented and other identified anxious/vulnerable incoming Year 7s.
  • Set up a section on your website for incoming/new Year 7s and their families - consider including information about the school day/routine, a map of the school, a welcome message from their new Head of Year, and tips/advice from the current Year 7s.
  • Hold an information evening for incoming/new Year 7 parents/carers.
  • Encourage new Year 7s to join clubs to meet people with similar interests and make friends. Consider finding out what they are interested in and setting up new clubs for Year 7s who would benefit from them.
  • Make expectations of Year 7s clear - how to record homework in their planner may seem obvious to you, but many Year 7s will not have used a homework planner before.
  • Get 627 Transfer to provide reactive support for individual pupils or small groups or hold a targeted workshop for a large group (see How 627 Transfer can help).